S t a t u t e s
of The Abstract Art Academy –
Art and Med, founded in London in 1970

Abstract Art Academy, Postfach 5321, D-79020 Freiburg, Germany

Website:        www.abstractartacademy.de
Email:            info@abstractartacademy.de
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§ 1 Name and Location

The “Abstract Art Academy – Art and Med” – herein referred to as “Academy” was founded in London, U.K. in 1970.
The Academy has no central headquarters as it considers itself a virtual platform with a global objective. It maintains representations in Freiburg, Paris, Zurich, Basel, London and Beirut. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors take place in Freiburg, Germany.

§ 2 Aims and Purposes

The Abstract Art Academy is an association of persons who are interested in art and its propagation. Its major and original field of activity consists of the propagation of fine arts and culture in those areas of public life that per se are hardly affected by artistic interests.
Another field of activity is the innovative development, introduction and presentation of new forms of artistic creativity in public and everyday life with the goal of breaking up traditional structures of arts reception, and opening to the participants in the art scene a holistic and lasting experience of art.
The possibilities of digital communication in the area of tension between networking and globalisation on the one hand and tendencies towards enforced conformity and individualisation on the other are to be tested as to their suitability for the above mentioned  process and applied, when and where they are required.
Moreover, as implied by its name, the Academy sees itself as an educational institution whose instructors teach and certify their own students or those of other universities and training establishments. Counselling, courses and colloquia take place in the students’ studios. Certificates issued by the Abstract Art Academy are coveted and internationally recognized attestations, and open up new perspectives and opportunities to students during their training for artistic professions, as well as with respect to their general continuing process of vocational and/or university education and career.
The Academy is investigating the possibilities of becoming involved in initial and continuing education in the fields of classical humanistic studies, the sciences and philosophy.

§ 3 Membership and Dues

Membership can be acquired free of charge upon application by anybody active in the social sector and/or with specific or general interests in art. Resignation is possible at any time by written notification to the Abstract Art Academy. The exclusion of a member can be resolved by the Board of Directors by a simple majority vote.

§ 4 Board of Directors: Election, Rights and Obligations

The Board of Directors is composed of the Members:

Theo Hofsaess (M.A.), Chairman
Dr. Walter Birg
Birgit Greshake
Bernd Schwär
Dr. Marian G. Scheffczyk
Andrea Wilcke

The members of the Extended Board are:

Peter Soubbotnik (M.A.) Bureau France
Dr. Siegfried Kubin Bureau Austria
Alexander Rathgeb Bureau Suisse
Antoine Tanios Bureau Middle East
Simon Hofsäss Webmaster
Prof. Alois Thomas Stoeckl, Honorary President

The Board of Directors is presided over by the Chairman of the board who is elected from among the members of the Board of Directors by a simple majority vote and remains in office until he/she is voted out.

§ 5 Dissolution

Dissolution of the Academy can be decreed only by an absolute majority the Board of Directors and in agreement with the Honorary President or, on his behalf, with the President.

§ 6 Exclusion of Liability

The Abstract Art Academy is a virtual platform for its members. Since the members work within the framework of the Academy on an independent and voluntary basis, any legal liability of one member for another member is excluded. This likewise applies to the members of the Board of Directors.